Culinary for Soul



Aiming to share the finest plant-based creations and the best techniques in the making to his patrons and the world, Chef Made brings decades of his experience in the culinary industry, working and studying around the globe to finally pursuit his passion in developing his plant-based restaurant and creates designated culinary academy as his dedication for sustainable living.

Whether you are a culinary professional or just someone who fond of plant-based eating, you are welcomed to join the class.

Customized classes are also available for small group, corporate or just a romantic couple who wish to spend their memorable getaway in Bali, learning about the art of making scrumptious, healthy dishes.

Moksa Ubud - Culinary for soul 1
Moksa Ubud - Culinary for soul 2
Moksa Ubud - Culinary for soul 3
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Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 1
Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 2
Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 3
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