Permaculture Garden



Right next to the dining space, there lies our beautiful permaculture garden.Permaculture garden is the best methods that follows the forest system of planting, replicating the natural ecosystems.

Our permaculture garden showcases more than 60 species of edible plants, as the local and healthy source to our food ingredients at the restaurant.

You could take on a lovely tour at our permaculture garden and find see the beautifully grown rosemary, dragon fruit, basil, kale, dill and many others.

Moksa Ubud - Permaculture Garden 1
Moksa Ubud - Permaculture Garden 2
Moksa Ubud - Permaculture Garden 3
Moksa Ubud - Permaculture Garden 4
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Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 1
Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 2
Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 3
Moksa Ubud - Restaurant 4
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